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Expert Tips for Staying Hydrated While Traveling

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6 Expert Tips for Staying Hydrated While Traveling

Staying hydrated while traveling is super important but not always easy, especially when traveling to countries where the drinking water isn’t safe. So we rounded up experienced, professional travel bloggers to tell us their tricks to hydrating on the road.

1. Blume Honey Water

“When I travel I’ve developed a delightful new habit of tossing a few Blume Honey Waters in my checked luggage so I know I’ll have delicious, healthy hydration when I get to my hotel room. Plain water doesn’t always appeal to me so my Blume feels like a special treat after a long day of travel. The Blume bottle size is also the perfect to throw in my purse, and I feel so good about drinking it any where, any time!  Here’s a sweet tip for those traveling into BWI or PIT airports, Blume is available past security check points! See our store locator to find out where and enjoy it while you fly.  #liveinfullblume!” ~Carla Frank, Co-Founder

blume honey water

2. Use an App

“It can be challenging to drink enough water when we travel, but staying hydrated helps us feel our best and that’s important on any vacation or business trip,” says Traci Memoli, a food and travel blogger who is also the co-founder of FrutaPOP, a small-batch, hand-crafted ice pop company. “There’s even an app that’s free that I love to use, whether I’m traveling or not, called Daily Water. The app has an alarm that reminds you to hydrate, and it also keeps track of how much water you drink on a daily basis.”

3. Drink Coconut Water

Memoli also suggests adding coconut water to your diet while on the road.

“It’s another great way to stay hydrated. Try having a glass before and after your flight, if possible. Since coconut water is high in potassium, it helps with muscle cramping. It also helps your brain and nervous system function properly,” she says.

4. Look for Hidden Drinking Fountains

Always keep an eye out for unexpected water sources.If you’re traveling in an Italian city, for instance, Ben Messenger, a travel consultant with Messenger Travel that specializes in organising bespoke Italian travel experiences, has this tip for staying hydrated:

“In Rome, many people don’t realise that the small fountains on all the streets are all drinking fountains. And the water is good! It’s all fresh, natural spring water, and saves a lot of money on buying over-priced bottles from the street stalls. Just don’t try drinking directly from the Trevi Fountain – the police may not like it!”

5. Eat Your Veggies

“I think folks don’t realize that fruit and vegetables count towards your daily fluid goals. When you are on the road traveling, carry easily fruit like apples, pears, bananas, carrots, and other produce you can easily fit into your handbag. When you order food, be sure to include lots of fruits and vegetables too,” says Toby Amidor, MS, RD, who is a nutrition expert and author of The Greek Yogurt Kitchen: More than 130 delicious, healthy recipes for every meal of the day.

6. Pack Electrolyte Powder

It’s very easy to get dehydrated on long flights. To combat this, travel blogger Ben of travelendar.com, suggests packing electrolyte powder sachets and mixing in with water mid-flight.   

He also suggests packing a water purification bottle that kills bacteria.

“That way you can conveniently fill up your water at the free water station on the plane. It has previously been reported that the water in the plane’s tank contains bacteria as the water is not changed regularly. But that is ok as your hi tech bottle can treat the water,” Ben says.

7. Consider a Mini Water Filtration System

On the same lines of purifying water, Joe Wareham, suggests packing a mini water filtration system like the Mini Sawyer, which costs around $20.

“This is very useful for many reasons. Crucially, you can use it where there is no access to clean water, whether it’s an intentional trip to the wild or you just get caught in a bad spot. Also, you can routinely drink tap water anywhere, which is more convenient and saves you money compared to buying water all the time, plus it’s better for the environment than to keep going through a load of plastic bottles. It’s perfect for the conscious traveller,” Wareham, of Worlds Away, says.

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